Unless your business *is* accounting, chances are this is an area you struggle in. MHV can coach you through the basics of your bookkeeping & payroll systems, just do it for you, or some combination thereof. Books track your business' health and current data to hand is critical for your success.

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Strategic Development

Business planning and strategic development are the blueprints of your business. Whether your business is growing, not growing, or shrinking you need a plan to manage it. If you're not sure where to start or how to proceed, MHV Ltd can help.

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Coaching & Support

Sometimes we all need a sounding board, a reassuring hand to let you know you're not going crazy. Well as a small business owner you likely are, but that's okay. As a coach, a mentor, a business support resource, we are your #1 FAN. Watching you succeed is what makes us happy.

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Why Do We Love Small Business So Much?

  • 95% of all business in Alberta is classified as small business
  • 35% of jobs in Alberta are within small businesses
  • 25% of Alberta's GDP comes from small business
  • 63% of small businesses have 1-4 employees

from "Small Business, Big Impact", (2014)

Our philosophy is that success comes whenever we work together to support each other. MHV Ltd wants to support you in achieving your business goals. When that happens, then our goals are realized too.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Small business owners are the unsung heroes of our economic wellbeing. They are the hardest working, highly creative, frequently under-resourced and often working in isolation. But it is highly rewarding when it comes together, with a lifestyle that is unique.

We know, because we're a small business too.


Photo credit William Stitt from
Photo credit William Stitt from

Next Steps...

If you are a small business owner, overwhelmed, short handed, or you just want to focus on the product/service you got into business for in the first place, then give MHV Ltd a call. Let's talk about what you need to get on with your business. The first 30 minute chat is free.