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Photo credit Sydney Rae from

Our Approach

Our philosophy, from experience, is that success comes whenever we can work to support each other. We want to support you in achieving your goals. When that happens, then our goals are realized too.

Our Story

Paula Polman is the Principal and founder of Mossberry Hollow Ventures Ltd, or MHV Ltd. MHV Ltd lives by its philosophy of success by collaboration. MHV Ltd works closely with a number of independent consultants, specialists in their own area. By doing so, each can offer expert services beyond their scope to better serve our clients.

MHV Ltd's expertise is in helping small business owners get a handle on the financial and administrative aspects of their business. As a coach and a mentor, Paula will help you with specific areas of concern where you may be struggling. One-on-one help when you need it.

Paula has been a small business entrepreneur since she first started in the '80's with a custom computer building business when PCs first hit the market. She has also worked in and out of other small businesses and non-profits over the years. As she jests, she has worked the alphabet from A (accounting) to Z (zoo keeper) over the years.

Next Steps...

If you are a small business owner, overwhelmed, short handed, or you just want to focus on the product/service you got into business for in the first place, then give MHV Ltd a call. Let's talk about what you need to get on with your business. The first 30 minute chat is free.