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Our Services

We're not here to tell you how to do your business. YOU know your business. But as business owners we can't be experts at everything and we don't have time to do everything. Focus on what you know best and let MHV Ltd help you with:


The number one area for help needed. Bookkeeping basics, data entry, coordinating with your accountant. Good financial data is critical for a successful business. Let MHV help you navigate the piles of paper and make sense of the reports.


Is it time to grow or time to manage your business in a slow period? Either way you will need a plan. From budgets and forecasting to strategic marketing development, it all comes together in your business planning.

Software Implementations

Looking to optimize areas of your business with software tools? Let MHV help with sourcing and implementing efficiency tools in your office or within the cloud. From office basics, payroll, to project management, online sales, CRM, & registration systems.


Working beside you, MHV will suport and guide you through the areas of finance and administration where you struggle or need fine tuning. Going to business school would be nice, but you're a business owner - who has the time? MHV is your personal tutor and help desk.

Team Services

MHV does not work alone. Coordinating with a number of other independent consultants and specialists, you will be connected with the people you need most. If you're a professional service, consider joining our network.

Professional Support

MHV Ltd is a professional, confidential service provider. We are here to help, whether you want to learn to do it yourself or contract out some help. MHV is, after all, a small business too. We understand what you need because we've been there too.

Next Steps...

If you are a small business owner, overwhelmed, short handed, or you just want to focus on the product/service you got into business for in the first place, then give MHV Ltd a call. Let's talk about what you need to get on with your business. The first 30 minute chat is free.